This is Alfa Media Turkey. (We have amt-sport, amt-life, amt-world & amt-news channels in same platform or same screen because it's an effort without too many people but we're of course mostly sport broadcast platform) for contacting us you can always use

Sorry we're not 24/7 streamers. For scheduling needs please request from our twitter.
But don't forget we have also life and our mottos are life before streaming
And if you see channel is offline you can ask it if we're offline... And if we're probably offline if we can not answer to it... Or maybe we can tell you our reason :)

We're always searching likewise minded streaming partners for the hours we're not available (only condition we have... we will not share premium passwords etc... So you must have some streaming ability and good sources)
For Showing your aprecciation to our streams, You can always use The Donate Buttons...